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Ohana Private Car Luxury Van Interior with TV


Ohana Private Car offers private shuttle transportation  services, tours, and customizable reservations.

For the duration of your booking, you and up to 7 of your guests will enjoy a comfortable ride in a luxury van with an experienced driver.

Image by Carles Rabada

Featured Tour


Hourly Reservations

Private Luxury Shuttles

Water conditions may impact the ability to swim/snorkel. Guests are responsible for their own water safety.

Price includes transportation and Hawaii General Excise Tax Fee. Food, beverage, and site tour/entrance fees are not included. Price includes Hawaii General Excise Tax Fee.

Unless otherwise stated, pick-up within 30 miles of Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole (KOA), rental time will begin at time of pick-up. A fee of $25 will be added for travel of 121-220 miles from pick-up location. A fee of $50 will be applied to trips over 220 miles from pick-up location. For pick-up more than 30 miles from KOA, rental time and miles calculations will begin when your vehicle reaches 30 miles from KOA.

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